Correct gun fit and alignment are essential in getting the most out of your sport. The shooter needs to be comfortable with their gun fit and confident in alignment to ensure shot placement is correct.


Primary stock measurements are shown here and when correct provide for a comfortable fit and correct shot placement.

1 - Length of Pull to Heel

2 - Length of Pull to Centre

3 - Length of Pull to Toe

4 - Drop to Comb

5 - Drop to Heel

6 - Cast at Face

7 - Cast at Heel

 In order to prove alignment and measure any subsequent adjustments that may be required, time is spent shooting against a pattern plate simulating your normal gun mount and technique.

Shot placement can then be measured against the point of aim and if required adjustments made.

Density of the shot pattern can also be measured in this way. Choke adjustment and cartridge selection will impact on pattern density.


Adjustment to shot placement can be made by first ensuring primary stock measurements are correct for the individual shooter and then adjusting the drop and / or cast of the stock comb.

Depending on the amount of the adjustment required and the type of gun, either reshaping of the stock, addition of soft padding or installation of an adjustable comb can be undertaken.

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